AXEON Membrane Technology

AXEON Water Technologies is a membrane technology company and has been a driving force behind reverse osmosis technology since the company was founded in 1989. Built on the premise of innovation and quality, AXEON has manufactured membrane elements for over three decades, which many original equipment manufacturers from around the globe have come to rely on.

From years of experience, AXEON understands that typical reverse osmosis membranes are known for being delicate and susceptible to physical and material damage. This can originate from premature organic or inorganic fouling, which can lead to reduced production flow rates and poor salt rejection levels—thus leading to costly element replacements.

AXEON is proud to announce an innovation in membrane flat sheet material—a non-woven media that allows for longer membrane life and improved performance. This exclusive and specialized treatment process creates a lattice-type structure on the surface of the media, which is called cross-link layering. The membrane flat sheet surface is then given an electrical charge and smoothness to its structure, thus increasing its hydrophilicity. This in turn decreases the adhesion of contaminants and pollutants on the membrane surface and results in less fouling and extension of the service life for the membrane elements.

By incorporating cross-link layering technology into our polyamide membranes, we enable you to achieve pure water faster, with a lower chance of fouling and higher energy-efficiency.

This membrane technology is applied to a variety of membrane flat sheets that are utilized inside of AXEON membranes. From low-energy to extra low-energy brackish water series membranes, AXEON’s lineup of standard size membranes starting with 1.8", 2.5", 4.0" and 8.0" diameters make it easy to realize the benefits of improved performance and quality. For your next product line or project, make sure to have “AXEON Inside” for true performance, availability, and competitiveness.