HM Digital PSC-64D Mini Dual Display EC/TDS Monitor with 4-20mA Output

Part #: 212424
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The HM Digital PSC-64D EC/TDS Monitor reads in an extended range to monitor TDS levels for high output commercial systems. If the TDS level rises above the user-set level, an alarm will sound and the unit will open or close a circuit via dry contacts to control a pump, solenoid valve or other external device.

  • "Mini" Monitor. The HM Digital PSC-64D features a mini display which continuously monitors 2 lines while sending out a 4-20mA output.
  • Extended Range for Monitoring EC/TDS. The HM Digital PSC-64D features an extended range to monitor both TDS and EC.
  • Power Cord Included. The HM Digital PSC-64D features a power cord and other necessary parts that are included at no extra charge.
  • Warranty: One year
  • Temp Range: 33 - 167° F
  • EC Measurement: 0-9999 µS / 0-20.00 mS
  • TDS Measurement: 0 - 9999 ppm/ 0 - 10.0 ppt
  • Settings: Controlled by on-screen up/down buttons


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