HM Digital LDM-100R Commercial Grade Dual Line EC/TDS Monitor

Part #: LDM-100R
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The HM Digital LDM-100R Commercial Grade Dual Line EC/TDS Monitor reads in an extended range to monitor and control electrical conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS) levels for high output systems (110-220V).

  • Dual Line. The LDM-100R allows for simultaneous monitoring of two separate water lines.
  • Extended Range Measurements. The extended range ensures your water supply is pristine due to the monitor's ability to detect a wider range of EC and TDS.
  • Optional Alarm. An optional steady beep can be set to alarm when EC/TDS levels exceed user-set values.
  • "Mini" Monitor. The compact size of the LDM-100R makes installation simple and easy.
  • Extended Battery Life. The HM Digital LDM-100R features an extended battery life for continous monitoring.
  • Monitoring for Commercial RO Systems. The HM Digital LDM-100R commercial grade monitor gives the user the "In-put" water (Line 1) and "Out-put" water (Line 2) in addition to the % of rejection number of how much TDS is being rejected.
  • Warranty: One year
  • Automatically calculates the % of rejection


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