HM Digital CIC-152 Dual Control Dosing/Injection TDS/EC Controller

Part #: 212445
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The HM Digital CIC-152 TDS/EC Controller monitors and controls dosing or injection systems with two adjustable set points to keep TDS level within a range. The CIC-152 allows you to set minimum and maximum control points that will activate relay controls to send an analog signal to an external device via switching dry contacts. The external devices must have their own power source.

  • Monitors and controls dosing or injection systems
  • Large, bright tri-colored LED display
  • Two adjustable set points keep TDS levels within a range
  • An alarm will sound if the TDS reaches the minimum or maximum set point, and will start or stop a device (pump, valve, etc.) via switching a dry contact position.
  • Once the TDS level returns to the acceptable range, the alarm will stop and the dry contacts will switch to the normal position.
  • Digital calibration.
  • On-screen temperature display.
  • Installs easily in minutes.
  • Includes one sensor probe.


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