AXEON PRF-3018-750 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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The 210327 AXEON PRF-3018-750 Reverse Osmosis Membrane is designed to fit the PRF-RO "on-demand" RO system by Pentair and previously known as the Merlin. This membrane is an upgrade to the Pentair TLC-350 which is supplied with their standard RO system. With two PRF-750-RO membranes incorporated into a PRF-RO System, the membranes work in series to produce on average 70% more water than the TLC-350 membrane. The high flow design of this system also enables the concentrate from one membrane to be channeled through the second on the system, allowing wastewater to be reduced by approximately 75% compared to conventional systems. AXEON PRF-3018-750 membrane are packaged and sold individually.



  • Average rejection rate of 95%
  • Works with line pressure requiring no pump when installed in the PRF-750 System
  • 70% more water output, over the TLC-350 membrane


Direct Replacement for:

GE Merlin Membrane 1238342
GE Merlin RO System 1205052
Pentair TLC-350 Membrane 4000569
Hydrologic Evolution-RO HL22045
Hydrologic Evolution-RO System HL31023


Replace your membrane with the AXEON PRF-3018-750 RO Replacement membrane when your flow rate decreases or your PPM increases. The RO membrane will remove 98%+ of PPM of Total Disolved Solids.

Replacement Directions:

Lube the two small o-rings on the stem of the membrane with silicone lubricant. Discard all water to drain for 1 hour prior to use. Two are needed for Hydrologic Evolution RO Systems.


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